Today is our meet with UC San Diego at 5pm in the Spartan Complex 44(a or b)!

The meet will consist of 18-19 individual matches!

Results will be posted tonight or tomorrow morning!

Go Spartans!

First Official Day of Badminton Club!

September 27, 2013


Event Start TIme

9AM: BD Men’s Single, CD Women’s Single
10AM: C Men’s Single
12PM: A Men’s Single, BCD Mixed Doubles
2PM: A Mixed Doubles

8:30AM: BD Men’s Doubles, D Women’s Doubles
9AM: C Men’s and Women’s Doubles
12PM: A Men’s Doubles and AB Women’s Double

We have to be out of the gym by 5pm on Sunday so we will be calling matches at exactly 8:30am. Gym will be open at 8AM on both Saturday and Sunday for warm ups and check in. Please be informed a strict 5 minute warm up rule will be enforced for all the matches.

Draws will be posted up Thursday night.
See you all soon!


Hi All!
San Jose State University Badminton Club would like to invite everyone to participate in our upcoming Spartan Smashoff!

Here are some of the details:
Events: Flights A, B, C, D: Men & Women Singles, Doubles, & Mixed (Entries will be capped at 32).
Entries: $18 for first event, $12 for each additional event. Group entries of 10+ will get a discount of $15 for the first event and $10 for each additional event.
Times: Warm-up starts at 8am. First games will be called at 9am.

Deadline: Entries must be received by midnight Friday, February 8th. There is a strict $5 late fee for entries received after this date. Late entries are NOT guaranteed a place on the draw

Prizes: A M/W Singles 1st - $150; A M/W Singles 2nd - $75
A M/W Doubles/Mixed 1st - $200 per team; A M/W Doubles/Mixed 2nd - $100 per team
Trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place in B,C,D flights and Consolation in all Flights.
*Please note that the cash prizes will be awarded if there are at least 8 teams in the events. If there are less than 8 teams then the cash prize amount will be determined later.

Entry Rules:
(1) Rally scoring format for all events, 3x21. ALL CONSOLATION matches are one set to 21. Consolation Semi-finals and beyond are formatted 3x21. Scoring sheet will be provided.
(2) Players will be allowed to play a maximum of 3 flights on Saturday and 2 flights on Sunday.2 ma x flights per event.
(3) Teams must play in the flight of the higher ranked player. Multiple partners are NOT allowed.
(4) A strict five minutes default rule will be enforced. Players who are defaulted will be disqualified from the tournament for the event they defaulted from.
(5) Participants will not be allowed to start their first match until all fees are paid.

Tournament Directors: Lucy Chang and Kenyon Kubo Jr.
Changes may be made at anytime at the tournament director’s discretion and are final.
Synergy Badminton

Click on the link below to SIGN UP NOW!

If you have any questions please post on the wall or email me at and we will get back to you ASAP.

Sign ups are already up and please use this link

Also if you are planning to submit a group entry please just email an excel form with your group name, name of participants and the events they are playing.

****However please note participants still have to sign up individual online! The group entry is solely for the purpose of the group discount (and making sure you do not play your teammates in the first round) it does not guarantee you slot on the draw!****

So sign up soon! Also please help us by inviting your friends to the event! Thanks!

End of the Year!


5/11/2012 - Last Practice of Spring 2012! Challenges for Stanford Dual Meet starts at 1:00PM! Please facebook/email/text Carol or Vicki what you plan on challenging for!

5/12/2012 - Last Dual meet of the season @ Stanford from 10AM - 2PM! Come cheer on your team mates!

5/12/2012 - END OF THE YEAR BBQ! All SJSU Badminton members are invited over to Carol’s house for a end of the year get together! Some people will be graduating, please come by and say your goodbyes with us! Also, if you did NOT attend our picture day, you may pick up your uniform at the BBQ (Unless you had told us previously that you could not make it). Address will be provided to those who RSVP yes.

Carol and I would like to thank all the participating club members this years for making our club so successful. Thank you for all your support!!


Dual meet vs. UCSC

Congratulations to our ladder for beating UCSC 10-3!!! Our record is now 4-0!! One more dual meet against Stanford .. we could be undefeated this season! GO SPARTANS!


Hi Everyone!

Competing players, please mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • April 13th: Team pictures @ 12:50pm on Tower Lawn. Team uniforms will be passed out that morning for the pictures and for pick-up. Please wear this year’s uniform!
  • April 14th: Dual meet against UCSC @ UCSC (Meet in front of Duncan Hall no later than 9:15am. We will be departing at 9:30am)
  • May 12th: Dual meet against Stanford @ Stanford. *This is still in the process of being confirmed*
  • May 25th-27th: UCSD Sun God Tournament *We’ll be updating this event when the date is getting closer*

We are no longer accepting new members, so please stay tuned next Fall for new member and registration steps.

SJSU Badminton Club would also like to thank UCSD for the recent dual meet @ CBA. Congratulations to all the winners and participants that showed up!

Spartan Smash Off: SUCCESS!

SJSU Badminton Club would like thank all the participants of the Spartan Smash Off for making it so fun and successful! We also thank all the volunteers that helped out at the tournament desk. We would not have had a smooth tournament without such great help! Plus an extra thank you to Synergy Badminton in sponsoring and spreading the word (:

Thanks again and hope to see you all at the next Spartan Smash Off!

For pictures of the winners of Day 2, please check out Synergy Badminton’s website to view them! 


Carol & Vicki



Men’s Singles

Mixed Doubles

Men’s Doubles

Women’s Doubles

Spartan Smash Off Tournament Times!

Hello Everyone! Here are the tournament times for the tournament!

D Men’s Singles: 8:30AM
C Men’s Singles: 10:30AM
B Men’s Singles: 12:00PM
A Men’s Singles: 1:00PM

D MXD: 1:30PM
C MXD: 3:00PM
B MXD: 4:00PM
A MXD: 430PM

D Mens Doubles: 8:30AM
C Men’s Doubles: 11:30AM
B Men’s Doubles: 10:00AM
A Men’s Doubles: 1:00PM

C/D Women’s Doubles: 10:00 AM
A/B Women’s Doubles: 1:00 PM

GYM will be open at 7:45AM for WARM-UPS!
Due to the large amount of entries in D & Cs, there will be a strict 5 Minute Default time. So please be on time or you will be defaulted and your payment will not refunded. Thank you and hope to see you this weekend!